Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Bali

Welcome to The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary..

Tri Hita Karana Doctrine

In accordance with Balinese Hindu philosophy, peace and liberty are obtainable in our loves only when we respect and observe the three harmonious relationships known as the Tri Hita Karana Doctrine:

  1. The Gods blessed life and created nature and all of its contents
  2. Nature offers substance to support the needs and activities of human beings
  3. Human beings have an obligation to establish a traditional village structure, to build temples in which worship, to hold various ceremonies, to make daily offering, to preserve nature and to solve problems together.

This doctrine can be seen in practice during many special ceremonies. Two ceremonies that are related to the Monkey Forest are Tumpek Kandang, where people make special offering to the forest (and all animals in general) and Tumpek Nguduh, where plants are equally celebrated.

The Balinese Macaques

The Monkey that live in this sanctuary are called Balinese macaques, also known as long-tail macaques. Their scientific name is macaca fascicularis and aside from humans, macaques are the most widespread and successful of all primates.

About 300 macaques currently reside in the monkey forest. There are approximately 35 adult females and 170 young. These macaques live primarily in three clusters of females and males. Each of these groups tends to use different areas of the forest different times of the day.

Research and Conservations

The Sacred Monkey Forest serves not only as an important component in the spiritual and daily lives of the village, but is the site of several research and conservations program. The maintenance and management of special place like this pull the attention of researcher from all over the world.

Especially the interactions between human being and the monkey of this sacred place are subject to the surveys and researches studies.

Open daily: 8am-6pm

Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana (click for the map)
(Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary)
Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (80571)
Phone    : +62 361 971304, 972774


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